Business Aviation Marketing and Administrative Manager
THEMMA - Paris (75)

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Company : THEMMA
Contract type : Full Time
Job location : Africa Central
Job published date : 2012-12-02
Job expiry date : 2012-12-31
Monthly salary : TBD

Must speak French and English, Mandatory

you take responsibility of the Commercial strategy and Administrative duties for a small business aviation company, but also ground operations, contracts and budgets in accordance with the standards previously set by the group and the aviation regulations in force.

In addition, you will be responsible for all steps of creating the company sales representation and implementation of business structure and operations.

More specifically, you will be charged (e):

- In the implementation of the trade policy of the company relationships with customers and their representatives.
- Management of tariff and application instructions for tracking invoices and payments.
- The establishment of supervisory structure in the control of costs and expenses related to the operation of air services but also human stewardship and structural business. This includes continuous monitoring of local and international aviation requirements,
- The proper human resources management including monitoring of administrative procedures under the rules of local employment
- Preparation and monitoring of the program operating in the best conditions of punctuality and regularity in gathering all the information needed to take quick decisions and passing them on to relevant agencies,
- Analyze reports daily flight, define and implement corrective actions
- The supervision and the development of flight planning
- To ensure the proper transmission of commercial information and necessary operational supervisors and assistance companies,
- The negotiation and implementation of agreements including subcontracting qualitative objectives and financial
- From the definition of staffing requirements and training policy of operating personnel and administrative
- The implementation of timely corrective actions to the outcome of audits of the company,
- To submit to the Quality Manager outsourcing contracts to ensure compliance with quality requirements.


Training Sales Engineer or Aerospace Technician (ne) Operating, you have at least 5 years of successful experience in an airline to a position of responsibility.

You are provided (e) a strong analytical mind and a great ability to federate your teams.
Leadership, diplomacy, strategic vision, sense of operational capacity to understand the issues, taste for field supervision and integrity are the qualities that characterize you.
Professional experience in demanding environments abroad is required for this position. French and English common requirements.

The candidate will report directly to the accountable manager of the company with Air appliances.

The suitable candidate shall provide leadership and strategic vision for the development of the company so that the quality of services to meet safety standards and are in line with the expectations of shareholders and customers for a positive business results.

He or she will also be responsible for complying with safety standards required by the Civil Aviation Authorities Local.

He or she will demonstrate in an interview with the Chair of the Group:

- Have a great expertise in commercial, operational and financial related airlifted;

- Have a great expertise in the implementation of reorganization, expansion and growth of a new airline in a complex aircraft in line with local geographic constraints

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

5 Month ON / 1 Month OFF
Perdiem, Family Appartment including all amenities and house keeping
Car with driver, 2 return family tickets (Economy class) per year
Europe Expatriate contract with 100 % insurances + full medical coverage

Send application by mail including:

CV, Cover letter, Photo, refrences, copy of passeport